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Account-Based Engagement That Scales

October 29th, 2019 Jane Menyo

Successful account-based marketing (ABM) is all about how you drive engagement. That means reimagining how you market to an audience and measure meaningful interactions. The best way to do that is to create personalized content experiences that capture audience interests and guide them on a customized digital journey.

Finding ABM Content to Scale

But where does all that content come from? When it comes to investing in ABM programs, marketers are most concerned with finding a budget for the content, according to the 2019 ABM Market Research Report from Engagio and Salesforce Pardot. But it’s not just about creating massive amounts of content. It’s about getting smarter about the content you have and how you can make it most effective. With ON24, you can scale account-based marketing programs by easily creating and delivering customized content experiences tailored to each account.

Two things will occur once you start creating a series of content. First, you’ll identify the gaps where you need to create more. Second, you’ll see the engagement trends that’ll help you bucket similar accounts.

How ON24 Target Helps ABM Succeed

ON24 Target’s code-free page builder allows you to easily create, duplicate and rebrand pages. You can showcase your best performing content or easily drag and drop to add more relevant material for a specific account. You can also identify design opportunities to customize pages for a particular account or create personalized CTAs that convert at a higher rate.

So when your sales team throws you an account list of a handful or even hundreds of target accounts, getting personalized will no longer seem like a massive project. You can replicate experiences for different sales reps that incorporate their direct contact information on each page, ensuring a humanized experience for every interaction.

With informative and interactive pages, you can create a personalized brand experience for target accounts and accelerate buyer journeys.

To learn more about how you can scale your ABM campaigns, watch our quick demo.