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A Great Customer Experience Is a Reliable Experience

October 3rd, 2018 ON24

B2B marketing has totally changed — as Laura Ramos, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, notes, B2B buyers are approaching business-related purchases like consumers. Meaning, they’re not buying a single product, but rather deciding to join your company’s vision and opting-in to the experience you promise. If you’re purchasing a team chat solution, for example, you’re not just buying a method of communication, you’re buying into the promise of teamwork, collaboration and transparency.

The same buyer mentality extends to every organization. If, as Ramos warns, a customer suffers a bad experience, then your brand’s relationship with that customer is irrevocably harmed. This risk means marketers must be responsive, reliable and empathetic with their audience. Every experience must be easy to access, consistent and exceed expectations. Otherwise, marketers can kiss their customers goodbye.

We want to make sure you can make the most of every moment and built our webinar marketing platform with 99.999 percent reliability, that’s less than six minutes of interruption in a year. That way, you can focus on delivering amazing webinars and content, rather than worry about the technology behind it.

“I have never in over 300 webinars (as of 2018) had a problem with the availability of ON24’s platform. Not only that, whenever I had a problem that I may have caused, like uploading a last-minute slide deck or accidentally deleting something, the ON24 emergency line has been able to help me in minutes. They are extremely dedicated to uptime and quality service.”

Miles Szkoda, Web Content Specialist, Jameson Publishing

With ON24, you can count on your webinars being an awesome experience that your customers love, tweet and rave about.