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3 Ways to Bring Video into Audio Webinars

July 21st, 2015 Mark Bornstein

Video is one of the easiest ways to make your webinars more lively and engaging, increasing their value to both your attendees and you. But if you think only an on-camera presenter can add video to your webinars, you’re missing out. Even if your next webinar features an audio-only presenter and a slide deck, you still have multiple options for injecting the energy of video into the webinar experience. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Option 1: pre-recorded video clips

Many of us have created short video clips promoting our products or introducing our companies. Perhaps you have customer interviews or testimonials that you created for your website or YouTube channel. If they’re relevant to the topic of your webinar, why not integrate videos into the presentation? If your marketing department produced any promotional clips that you’re particularly proud of, use them to liven up your next webinar. As long as your videos are brief and on topic, they can add value to your presentation.

Option 2: off-site events

Think about all the live presentations your organization delivers at trade shows, seminars, customer briefings and conferences. With very little extra effort, you could record the speaker and repackage that video, along with any presentation slides, as an on-demand webinar.

But full-length on-demand webinars aren’t your only option for repurposing live presentations. For example, you could break the full recording into mini-webinars that you release on demand. Or you could include those shorter video segments as pre-recorded clips in your live webinars. You could even take the event globally, streaming all or part of the presentation live as part of a scheduled webinar.

Option 3: Screen Sharing

Technology companies can use webinars to create bottom-of-the-funnel marketing presentations with live product demos. During the live event, the presenter can share the screen in the slide area of the console and demonstrate software or key product features.

When delivering a live Screen Share demonstration, make sure to practice in advance. If you’re nervous about a live demonstration, you can pre-record a product demo and insert it as a video clip, rather than streaming live. That way you have control for every possible situation, from a beta release that reveals glitches at the worst possible moment to inconvenient instant messages or email notifications popping up on-screen. Pre-recorded or live, Screen Share demos can be a great way to drive prospects to a final purchase decision.

Now it’s up to you

These are just a few ideas for using video as part of the webinar experience. You can implement the ones we’ve listed here or use them as a springboard for creative ideas of your own. Whatever you do, make sure you have fun.

If you’re curious about more ways to add video to your webinars, check out our on-demand webinar, “5 Ways to Integrate Video into Your Webinars.”