Get Your W.E.B.I.N.E.R.D. Education

How it WOrks:

 What’s in it for you?

When you pass the W.E.B.I.N.E.R.D. Education course, not only will you walk away with advanced ON24 Platform tips and webinar best practices, but you’ll earn your very own #Webinerd back to school swag pack.

How do you pass? 

Extra credit (for you teacher’s pets out there!):

  • Complete a product review for donation to Girls Who Code
  • Share your webinar optimization success story 
  • Submit for a W.E.B.I.N.E.R.D. Superlative 

Getting Started:

All the homework, assignments, extra credit and classes can be found below.  The ON24 marketing professors have prepared 10 short sessions packed with actionable tips for your webinar programs. Check out the curriculum below:

Class Schedule:

HomeroomON24 Features You Should Definitely Be Using
1st PeriodHow to Create A Kick-A$$ Webinar Brief
2nd PeriodBest Practices for A/B Testing Webinar Promotions
3rd PeriodHow to Optimize Audience Engagement
Design ClassDesigning the 360-degree Webinar Experience
4th Period5 Ways to Use Your Attendee Data Strategically
5th PeriodHow to Circulate the Success of Your Webinar Program within Your Company
6th PeriodExtending the Life of Your Webinar
7th PeriodHow to Use ON24 Target to Create Personalized Experiences at Scale
8th PeriodHow to Drive Ongoing Content Journeys

Begin Your W.E.B.I.N.E.R.D. Education

Homework: Prerequisite Assessment (Required to Pass)

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W.E.B.I.N.E.R.D. Coursework (7/10 Required to Pass)

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Assignment: Your ON24 Playbook Wishlist (Required to Pass)

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Assignment: Participate in Webinar Template Swap (Required to Pass)

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THE FINAL EXAM (Required to Pass)

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Extra Credit: $10 donation for Product Review

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W.E.B.I.N.E.R.D. Superlative Winners

Learn about your fellow webinerds who won a W.E.B.I.N.E.R.D. Superlative.

      • Most likely to Dethrone Mark Bornstein as Chief Webinerd
      • Most likely to Survive the Webinar Apocalypse
      • Most Improved Webinerd
      • Best Webinerd Team
      • The Class Clown
      • The Nerdiest of the Webinerds
Check out the W.E.B.I.N.E.R.D. Superlative Winners!

Extra Credit: Share your webinar optimization story

We know you’ve been up to stellar work with your webinar programs, so share what you’ve been doing to improve and optimize along with any takeaways from your coursework that you plan to implement.

Every webinerd needs some down time from school, so each submission will earn you an “Its’ Webinar O’Clock Somewhere” koozie.

Tell us your story.

Meet the Professors

Mark Bornstein

Chief Webinerd

Read Bio >

Tiffany Beddow

Director, Customer Marketing

Read Bio >

Jack Wildt

Sr. Manager Demand Generation Operations

Read Bio >

Tara Shirakh

Marketing Manager, Demand Generation

Read Bio >

Steph Dang

Product Marketing Manager

Read Bio >

Samira McDonald

Customer Marketing Manager

Read Bio >

Kristine Harris

Director, Product Marketing

Read Bio >

Elaine Wargo

Sr. Manager, Brand & Creative Strategy

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