Unifying Online Marketing Efforts for Lead Generation

Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics tools are a key product offering for SAP. In 2013, the U.S.-based marketing team noticed that webinar attendance was dwindling and that there was a need to unify and streamline product/ solution messaging to avoid the phenomenon of “one and done” webcasts while driving attendance and lead generation.


An Integrated Thought Leadership Webcast Series

In response to the situation, SAP created a series of BI webcasts that were designed to lead their target audience of customers and prospects through a complete narrative described by the program lead Marketing Director Deanna Ransom as a “unified conversation” describing the business problem and need for business intelligence. After reviewing multiple platforms for the program, the ON24 webcasting platform was selected – for its reliability, scalability and unique features. By leveraging SAP’s own deep library of content and subject matter experts, the company illustrated how customers can implement SAP and be successful – making real the company mantra, “The best-run businesses run SAP.”

Planned and prepared in just four weeks by a cross-functional team, the program of ON24-powered webcasts covered the following topics:

  • Mobile business intelligence, as a growing enterprise trend
  • How to obtain business intelligence insights – with a live iPad demo
  • A “how-to” guide to leverage Business Intelligence and Analytics for competitive advantage
  • A product introduction to SAP Lumira, called the “Network of Truth”
  • A customer case study, exploring how 3M implemented enterprise BI for success

Designed as an “aligned and cohesive customer conversation,” SAP’s webcast content also incorporated three video white papers, provided in advance to the audience, so that they could gain greater insights from the online sessions. Pre-event marketing incorporated SAP’s North American social media and analytics team, as well as the SAP Community Network and internal newsletters, plus the various social media channels of each of the speakers, giving a “multiplier effect” in reaching potential webcast attendees.

SAP also took a novel, “in-event” marketing approach and promoted upcoming webcasts in the series within each of the online events, further helping construct their marketing narrative and encouraging prospects to attend the next event as they were being moved through the sales cycle. Supplying pre-built tweet packages and Facebook and LinkedIn posts along with additional YouTube videos to all of the channels was a key deliverable of the overall program to truly move efforts from push or outward-in marketing to pull or socialview inbound marketing. By pulling in and collaborating with a broader team, remarkable results were achieved that can now be syndicated, continuing to expand reach.


Registration and Lead Gen Success + Closed Business

SAP’s business intelligence webcast series outperformed all of the other webcasts that SAP had done before. Internal product and channel teams quickly pulled together to develop compelling content and cross-promotion strategies that drove a high level of registration. The cross-functional approach enabled SAP to reach out to new people and register a large number of customer prospects using the “multi-reg” features in the ON24 platform.

SAP achieved the following outstanding results:

  • 1,419 registrants
  • 17 sales leads
  • 4 sales opportunities totaling $775,050 in pipeline revenue
  • 2 closed sales totaling $300,050

For a very low spend, the SAP webcast series generated nearly $1M in closed sales and pipeline revenue. SAP recognized the campaign’s outstanding performance, and it has been shared across the larger global marketing organization as an example of best practices in terms of developing a holistic program and across the larger North America social media marketing channel as one of the largest registration-producing social media campaigns. In addition, webcasting is back on SAP’s marketing “radar” because the program demonstrated that webcasts are viable sales tools that enable communication and connection that help customers understand SAP’s range of solutions and moved prospects to the next step in the sales cycle.

“Our customers truly connected with the content because we created a better experience,
moving them through the entire sales cycle within one comprehensive program – a clear example of strong content and strong teamwork producing strong results.”

— Deanna Ransom, SAP Marketing Director