Providing Updates To Firm Lawyers And Clients On Quickly Changing Political
Events And Rulings

Salans LLP is a part of the Denton international commercial law firm, with offices across Europe and NorthAmerica. Salans clients include multinational corporations, commercial investment and regional banks, insurance companies, investment funds, international organizations, public entities and sovereign states. With firm lawyers and clients spanning across multiple regions and time zones, Salans needed an effective method to quickly communicate information and guidance on emerging legal and business issues to a broad constituency.

In 2012, as newly elected French President Francoise Hollande was debating a budget with parliament, Salans-France needed an expedient way to communicate real-time updates to its lawyers and clients on the implications of new financial rulings. In-person meetings and phone calls simply couldn’t scale to support a broad and geographically dispersed audience.


Salans-France Webcast Series

Salans-France chose the ON24 webcasting platform to launch a webcast series aimed at providing real-time updates and commentary for firm clients and lawyers on the potential effects of a new national budget on French taxpayers, businesses and foreign investors. The series targeted CEOs, CFOs, general Counsels and tax directors who were looking for expert analysis on the budget debates as they unfolded.

The webcasts featured audio and slide presentations from firm lawyers and other expert speakers. At the end of each presentation, webcast attendees were able to interact directly with the Salans presenters through a live Q&A discussion. Additional resources were uploaded into the webcast console and were available for attendees who viewed the presentations.


More Effective Client Communications, Increased Opportunities

Salans delivered 14 webcasts between October 2012 and January 2013 to over 400 viewers across the globe. The ease-of-use and flexibility of the ON24 webcasting platform enabled Salans to deliver updates as quickly as the morning after major government policy changes, ensuring that Salans lawyers and clients were always up-to-date on current issues critical to their businesses. In some cases, clients would request immediate consultations regarding the information given in the webcast, increasing interest and demand for Salans services.

After the initial broadcast, each of the Salans webcasts was archived and made available for on-demand viewing, extending the life and value of the presentations.

“..if a decision was voted on in the evening, we informed viewers
about it during the morning webcast–clients loved the speed with which we did it.”

— Patryk Zamorski, Global Business Development and Marketing Director
Salans LLC