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Peoples Home Equity, Inc. (PHE) chose Webcast Elite for its regulatory compliance training and corporate communications webinars. The ON24 platform has saved PHE the cost of hiring another corporate trainer and provided its employees with an easy-to-use tool to access on-demand webinars from any location on virtually any device.

Peoples Home Equity


Creating a system for internal training and corporate communications

Peoples Home Equity, Inc. (PHE), based in Brentwood, Tennessee, is a mortgage lender in 24 states. As a member of the heavily regulated mortgage lending industry, PHE must comply with all federal and state fair lending and fair housing laws and meet regulatory compliance training requirements.

When the director of corporate training joined the firm last year, there was no centralized training program in place. She recognized that in order to facilitate compliance with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) supervisory program, the company needed a web-based training tool.

PHE also needed a technology-friendly online platform to support its geographically dispersed workforce in remote regions and home offices and deliver critical corporate information easily and efficiently.


Adobe Connect not an effective training tool

The corporate training director had used Adobe Connect previously but was not satisfied with that platform as a training tool.

  • It was not intuitive for those unfamiliar with webcasting technology, and many employees had issues downloading the Adobe Connect plug-ins.
  • Recorded webinars were flat video presentations, with no ability for employees to participate in polls, ask questions, or otherwise engage with the content.
  • Employees would have to leave the webinar and email questions to the presenter, resulting in many questions being left unasked and/or unanswered.

PHE could also not afford to have all of its employees watching a live presentation at the same time. In order to maximize productivity, it was important to offer the ability to watch PHE webinars on demand. When the director of corporate training watched a webinar promoted by ON24, “Beyond the LMS: Building a Training Strategy,” she realized that the ON24 platform was a superior product.


Webcast Elite, a superior training webinar platform

With ON24 Webcast Elite, PHE has built an interim, informal learning management system (LMS) that:

  • Delivers compliance training. Webcast Elite tracks the time a participant stays in the webinar and test responses, providing the data necessary to meet the CFPB’s mandatory fair practice regulatory training needs.
  • Provides testing certification. Certain PHE programs require employees to take a training session and pass a test. Webcast Elite issues a certificate when the employee answers the requisite number of question correctly.

PHE needed an easy-to-use training webinar platform, and Webcast Elite delivered ease of use and more.

  • Technology-friendly, ease of access. Employees, many of them remote, can view webinars on their desktops or mobile devices, with no additional software or apps to download.
  • Simple speaker tools. Using ON24 Presentation Manager XD, PHE’s departmental subject matter experts (SMEs) can easily record their slides with minimal instruction, saving time.
  • Live and on-demand Q&A engagement. Employees can submit questions right from the console during live and on-demand training and get the answers they need in real time.


The right choice for a simple, cost-effective training webinar platform

With the self-service Webcast Elite training webinar platform, PHE was able to avoid adding a corporate trainer to its headcount, saving the company $75-80K in added salary costs right out of the gate.

More importantly, PHE is delivering an industry-required training program and internal communications quickly, easily and in a user-friendly manner.

  • Trouble-free access for PHE employees: Geographically dispersed PHE employees can watch webinars and access training tool on demand from wherever they are and on any device they choose.
  • Glowing reviews from SMEs: First-time and experienced speakers alike were more than pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of the webinar recording process.
  • Reduced IT issues: The Webcast Elite training webinar platform is easy for its employees to use and does not pose any impact or drain on the company’s IT resources.
  • Company-wide communications: When PHE made changes to its 401(k) program, they used Webcast Elite’s on-demand capabilities to ensure that all of its employees were informed. All the necessary paperwork and program-related information were available in the “resources” widget, accessible from the webcast console.