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Looking to create an engaging forum for members and non-members, the National Association of Corporate Directors chose ON24 to deliver a series of successful thought leadership webinars providing guidance on key issues affecting the corporate director community. The result was their “Boardroom Excellence Series.”



Creating a More Engaging Webinar Experience

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that delivers the awareness and insights that corporate board members need to confidently navigate complex business challenges and enhance shareowner value. For many years, NACD relied on partner/sponsor webcasting platforms to deliver their messaging and reach out to their community. It limited the control and flexibility that they had over their events and they wanted to create a more engaging and interactive webinar series that would generate more excitement for their members.


NACD Boardroom Excellence Thought Leadership Webinar Series

NACD chose the ON24 webinar platform to create a thought leadership webinar series aimed at educating association members and non-members on topical issues for corporate directors and executives. One of the most successful NACD thought leadership webinar series was the “Boardroom Excellence Series” aimed at public company directors, which featured guest speakers and utilized ON24’s platform to encourage realtime interaction with live polling and Q&A. To increase the life of their presentations, all NACD webinars were made available  “on-demand” to allow members who missed the live event to view them at their own convenience.


More Control, Higher Attendance Rates, Greater Audience Engagement

The “Boardroom Excellence Series” was a big success. NACD ran a pilot and then seven webinars in the series which averaged 377 registrants, and 193 attendees, for an average conversion rate (over 7 events) of 51%. Attendees were able to interact directly with the presenters to create an engaging user experience.

NACD was particularly happy with the ability to control the delivery and customization of their webinars, without relying on media partners or their own IT department for implementation.