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With ON24 and Marketo integration, Microsoft created a webinar marketing lead generation channel that converted 7.2% of webinar attendees to paying customers. With this ROI insight, Microsoft scaled the program to over 130 webinars per month.



How to accelerate revenue growth of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft wanted to foster the growth of their cloud platform, Microsoft Azure. Their previous global lead generation program had consisted of loosely coupled funnels, all backed by different CRM systems, and they only tracked top-of-funnel activity in each channel.

The established marketing channels weren’t providing enough actionable data to drive pipeline and revenue. Microsoft realized they needed a major program and process overhaul. After much internal discussion and research, they decided to introduce marketing automation and a webinar program into their arsenal.

Solution & results

ON24 Webinar Marketing + Marketo Integration = ROI

By integrating the ON24 webinar marketing platform with their existing marketing automation, Microsoft was able to scale demand generation programs, directly engage their prospects, and gather actionable data to drive pipeline.

  • Increased pipeline and revenue. With the tightly connected ON24 Marketo integration, Microsoft gained valuable insight into the performance of their webinar marketing program, and end-to-end reporting helped them make decisions on where to continue to invest and which webinars they should continue to run. As a result, 7.2% of their webinar attendees converted into new paying customers.

Built scalable program for global force of field marketers. With the ease of use of the ON24 platform, Microsoft’s field marketers were equipped to create webinar marketing content quickly and generate leads cost-effectively across their respective territory and product. In total, Microsoft runs over 130 webinars each month and has a global run rate of 1,500 webinars annually.