IBM Cognos 10 | Webinar Launch Simulcast


Creating a Global Product Launch

IBM’s Business Analytics Group needed a high-impact launch, targeting customers and prospects, to introduce Cognos 10. This was their largest product launch since IBM’s acquisition of Cognos, and the goal was to engage a global audience. IBM’s Business Analytics Group wanted a physical event but also needed to provide interactivity that capitalized on IBM’s social media outlets to reach remote audiences. This influenced them to look for a virtual solution that could integrate with their physical product launch.


A Hybrid Approach to Engage Attendees

“IBM Cognos 10: Intelligence Unleashed” was launched worldwide from Las Vegas at IBM’s Information On-Demand Conference to live and remote audiences simultaneously. IBM utilized ON24’s webcasting platform to engage attendees with widgets and interactivity. The video webcast was streamed live to attendees from over 90 countries, and they submitted tweets and questions throughout the event. To obtain more information on Cognos 10, the virtual attendees were provided with an exclusive audio Q&A session with IBM executives after the event to address the approximately 250 questions submitted.


A Successful Hybrid Product Launch

Cognos 10 was a successful hybrid event, engaging live and online attendees from around the globe. IBM’s Business Analytics Group had 900 registrants in the first week of promotion due to social media and traditional marketing efforts. IBM converted registrants to attendees at a rate of 54.36% for the Webcasting Platform 10 webcast:

  • Total registrants = 5,982
  • Live attendees = 2,496
  • On-demand attendees = 896
  • Average time spent in webcast = 69.9 minutes