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Education, Coast to Coast

Knowing that busy insurance professionals must often go outside their companies for further education to build a well-rounded career, the IASA (Insurance Accounting & Systems Association) e-learning team decided to grant CPE (continuing professional education) credit to their members online.

The challenge was finding a way to deliver training that met CPE accreditation requirements and was available to members all across the country. Webinars seemed like a perfect fit.

The IASA e-learning team knew that their webinars had to be engaging and professional. But with a small staff and committee of volunteers, they were never going to have time to master a complicated webinar tool. When they evaluated all the available options, ON24 was the obvious choice.


Convenience and Professionalism

Since they were not webinar experts, the IASA e-learning team was initially concerned that they would not be able to deliver a professional experience that would impress attendees and bring in more viewers.

They quickly discovered that ON24 Webcast Elite gave them everything they needed to succeed:

  • Easy access to events. Not everyone has the time or resources to attend every in-person conference that piques their interest. With ON24, IASA delivered webinars on a wide range of topics; anyone could attend conveniently from their desk and learn something of benefit to their company and career.
  • In-event polling and surveys. With other webinar vendors, IASA had to rely on third-party tools for polling and surveys. ON24 made it possible to integrate those components into the live event.
  • Comprehensive reporting. After a webinar, the e-learning team could log in to ON24 and get statistics on live attendees and on-demand viewers, including who participated in the polls, who took the survey, and all the criteria they needed to grant CPE credit.


Setting a New Bar for Success

Thanks to the results of their e-learning webinar series, the IASA e-learning committee is growing and trying things they had never thought of before. ON24 is much more user friendly than the solutions they used in the past, so attendees have a much more professional experience.

But IASA won’t stop there. These results are just the beginning:

  • More events with less effort. In their first year with ON24, IASA set a goal of seven webinars. They were able to deliver 10 events — more than double their event count with the previous provider.
  • Record-breaking attendance. Before switching to ON24, IASA’s webinar had a cap of 100 attendees. With that cap gone, they are delivering bigger events than ever, with over 60% of registrants attending the live event.
  • CPE credits. When the IASA e-learning team decided to grant CPE credits through their webinars, they thought they might be overreaching. Now they’re giving free CPE credits for all their member companies.