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The Henry Schein Practice Solutions division replaced its existing platforms with Webcast Elite for its demand -generation webinars. The platform delivers instant, detailed event reporting, so marketing managers no longer have to wait up to 48 hours to receive registrant data. Webinar viewer behavior data allows the sales teams to immediately follow up on hot leads, leading to increased new sales and upselling revenue from its existing customer base.

Henry Schein


Leveraging Webinars for Demand Generation and More Qualified Leads

Henry Schein, Inc. is the world’s largest provider of healthcare products and services to office-based dental, animal health and medical practitioners.

The Henry Schein Practice Solutions division markets various dental practice-management software systems and electronic services to multiple categories of general and specialized dental practices, from single office to multisite practices and enterprise organizations.

The Practice Solutions division campaign marketing managers use webinars to deliver their offerings’ messaging for:

  • Demand generation: Entice prospects to learn more about the Henry Schein practice management solutions that are the right fit for their practices and request a demonstration.
  • Upselling to existing customers: Promote add-ons to current customers to get the most out of their current practice solution.


The Need for Event Information Now, Not 48 Hours from Now

The division had several issues with its previous webinar platforms. The most critical was the inability to get event reporting in a timely manner, often having to wait up to 48 hours to get details on who attended. The time lag significantly affected demand generation and all the division’s pipeline activities, as the marketing managers were unable to pass leads to the sales teams in a timely manner.

Even then, the previous platform had:

  • No detailed viewer behavior analytics: Not tracking individual viewer activity in the webinar made it difficult to easily distinguish hot, qualified leads from cold prospects.
  • Lacked on-demand viewer lead tracking: The division received an MP4 file of its completed webcasts that it could post to YouTube, not an archived webcast for on-demand viewing. There was no information on who watched the YouTube video and no way to turn these viewers into qualified leads.


A Webcasting Platform That Was Ahead of the Curve

As a software provider, it was important to the Henry Schein Practice Solutions division that its webcasting platform be ahead of the technology curve. The Marketing Operations Manager understood that his team needed a more responsive and effective tool for demand generation, presentation delivery, and lead follow-up and, after considerable research, chose the ON24 Webcast Elite self-service webcasting platform.

The benefits of the ON24 webinar-based marketing platform include:

  • Instant webinar reporting, with real-time attendee data and viewer engagement information that the marketing and sales teams need for lead scoring and more immediate and efficient lead follow-up.
  • No technology hassles, no headaches. Webcast Elite requires no downloads and no phone bridges to dial into. The intuitive console makes it easy for even the least tech-savvy attendees in dental offices to move and resize windows for a personalized, enjoyable viewing experience.
  • The on-demand convenience a busy dental practice needs. Many of the webinars are run in the afternoons during practice lunch hours, but the on-demand availability allows staff members to watch when it’s convenient for them. Often a staff member will watch the live webinar and then recommend that the dentist/decision-maker watch it on demand.


Faster Prospect Movement Through The Pipeline

Since the Henry Schein Practice Solutions division began running webinars on Webcast Elite in May 2014, they have experienced:

  • A 100% increase in the number of webinars run and planned versus the prior 12-month period, leading the way for increased demand generation.
  • Faster lead follow-up with immediate reporting; no more waiting up to two days to pass strong leads to the sales teams, resulting in more qualified leads.
  • Better insights into lead quality — detailed behavior and engagement data captured via the numerous Webcast Elite widgets enable the product marketing managers to better determine sales readiness and identify more qualified leads.
  • Time savings — for both the webinar producers and marketing managers. Registration and follow-up emails are easily set up within the platform.

The Marketing Operations Manager reports that Webcast Elite is already generating a higher ROI, as well as greater overall satisfaction from:

  • Management — who recognize that the Henry Schein Practice Solutions division is impacting demand generation, generating better, qualified leads.
  • Sales teams — who are taking these qualified leads through the pipeline quicker than before.
  • Marketing managers — who are showing increased interest in running additional webinars.