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Replacing a traditional in-person event, Fiserv’s Virtual Client Exchange was an engaging online venue for delivery of annual meeting content. The event featured webcast product updates and provided direct access to Fiserv associates. ON24’s virtual environment allowed Fiserv to address the communication needs of a broad range of clients, increasing customer satisfaction by 15% while saving time and reducing travel costs.



Replacing Traditional Meetings

With more than 16,000 clients, Fiserv is the leading global provider of information management and electronic commerce systems for the financial services industry. Fiserv drives innovation that transforms experiences for financial institutions and their customers.

The global economic slowdown forced many Fiserv customers to reduce expenses. In response, Fiserv postponed its annual in-person Fiserv training, transitioning to a virtual event powered by ON24. The first-ever Virtual Client Exchange enabled Fiserv to:

  • Deliver marketing information directly to clients
  • Provide briefings on strategic product and company initiatives
  • Offer access to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Increase client engagement and deepen customer relationships


Fiserv Training: Virtual Client Exchange

The Virtual Client Exchange offered three separate marketing “tracks” within the online environment to illustrate the value of Fiserv solutions. Content included “Grow Your Business,” “Build Operational Efficiencies” and “Best Practices.” Additionally, a “One Fiserv” booth was created to reinforce Fiserv’s brand and showcase other products offered.

Serving the interests of both senior executives and day-to-day users, the virtual event featured high-level strategic briefings, as well as the delivery of practical operational information via webcast programming and direct interaction with Fiserv associates. SMEs were on hand to provide “tips and hints” for specific products, and access was provided to more than 30 webcasts and 100+ documents.

Client engagement surpassed Fiserv’s goals, with a 67% increase in registration over traditional live events. Post-event surveys revealed that 68% of the participants rated the Virtual Client Exchange as “above average” or “excellent,” and Fiserv recorded a 15% increase in customer satisfaction in the area of client communication.


Exceptional Client Engagement and Satisfaction

Leveraging ON24’s platform, exceptional client engagement results were achieved:

  • 78.3% of registrants attended Fiserv training virtual event (235)
  • Attendees averaged 3.25 hours in the virtual environment
  • 940 webcasts viewed; 311 total viewing hours
  • More than 100 client firms represented, approximately 55% of target
  • 68% of clients rated event as “above average” or “excellent”
  • 15% increase in customer satisfaction around client communication