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The Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI) used the ON24 Gateway to stream the online component of its educational symposium, extending reach to a broader audience. Online access increased the total audience for the event by 65%, and provided an additional revenue opportunity to sell passes for online viewing and upsell on-demand access to those who attended the physical event in New York City.

“We were able to expand our audience by 65% with ON24 Gateway and we intend to expand on this success even further with our next event.”



Changing mindsets about fitness

Equinox, the upscale fitness and high-performance lifestyle leader, is not your ordinary fitness club. The company has taken a more holistic, well-rounded approach to fitness, which is reflected in their tagline: “It’s not fitness. It’s life.”

The Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI) emphasis on achieving a high-performance lifestyle included an initiative to connect with medical, rehabilitative and other healthcare industry professionals in the spirit of proactive healthcare.

The EFTI team used its premier educational event to launch its new tri-pillar approach to wellness, “Movement, Nutrition and Regeneration,” and turned to ON24 webcasting and On24 Gateway technologies to maximize the event’s reach to employees, industry professionals and members around the country.


Taking a successful physical event to the online world

The Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI) held a one-day educational symposium in New York City, a multi-speaker event featuring numerous topics across the spectrum of holistic fitness and health care.

For this event, the team had more ambitious goals. They wanted to deliver a more comprehensive and inclusive educational event that would reach a greater number of attendees.

Knowing that much of the desired audiences in smaller markets would not be able to travel to New York City for the two-day event, the EFTI team decided to offer an online component to complement the physical symposium. The team needed a reliable  and engaging technology platform that could also match the Equinox branding and visual identity of the physical event.


Betting on, and winning with, the ON24 Gateway

ON24 was an existing technology provider to the Equinox Human Resources department. The EFTI team was impressed with the ON24 platform’s rich-media and design capabilities and the ability to reliably stream live conferences.

After sharing their plans with the ON24 team, EFTI implemented the ON24 Gateway. The EFTI team was impressed with the ON24 Gateway’s ability to both run and house 25 symposium webinar presentations in a single online location.

  • One destination for live and on-demand online presentations. Throughout the two days, online attendees were able to watch webcasts live on their computers, tablets or mobile  devices and then return to the same online location to view on demand any symposium presentations that they missed or wanted to view again.
  • Branding and customization flexibility. Multiple layout features and options gave the EFTI team the ability to create a compelling and eye-catching online portal that captured the essence of the Equinox corporate identity and brand appeal.
  • Time-saving single sign-on. Attendees needed to register in the content gateway just once to view every presentation in the symposium’s two-day event library, both live and on demand.


Growing audiences, extending educational reach

  • Extending reach to a broader audience by 65%. The 325 unique online attendees complemented the physical audience of 500. By offering the virtual component, every person who viewed the event online was one more attendee than the physical location could hold.
  • Delivered positive ROI. With the fixed-cost ON24 Gateway, the greater the number of online attendees, the lower the cost per head. The EFTI team also leveraged additional revenue opportunities with:
    • Online access as an alternative when the physical event sold out.
    • An on-demand upsell opportunity; 75 of the physical attendees paid an additional fee to access symposium presentations they missed and revisit those of interest.
  • Provided exceptional attendee experiences. Online attendees enjoyed a comprehensive, proactive health education experience, with scientific content delivered on an ultra-modern-looking platform.

The Equinox Fitness Training Institute inaugural hybrid physical/online event was a success. With this experience and a more complete understanding of ON24 Gateway’s capabilities, the team is setting even loftier goals for next year’s symposium.