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Since Apigee began delivering its demand generation webinars on the ON24 Webcast Elite platform, the company has run 100% more webinars and increased attendance by 50%. ON24’s webinar platform has become one of Apigee’s top outbound marketing tools in its new demand generation strategy.



A well-designed webinar strategy in need of advanced technology

Apigee is an API software infrastructure provider. The company is no stranger to webinars, employing them as a primary component of its marketing and communications strategies for:

  • Demand generation/thought leadership
  • Internal training and communications
  • Customer and partner training

The company is well aware that its webinar content is what draws attendees in, but they also know that giving viewers a positive webinar experience will keep them interested and engaged throughout the presentation. Apigee aspired to offer its audiences the best possible viewing experience; however, the web conferencing platform that Apigee was using to run these webinars was clearly inadequate.


A desire to improve the users’ webinar experience

Apigee wanted webinar functionality beyond what their previous webinar platform offered, including:

  • Greater scalability to ensure that every viewer who wants to participate can access the webinar
  • More user interactivity, including group chat, Q&A and social media options
  • Enhanced customization and branding capabilities
  • Mobile ubiquity: based on the company’s focus on mobile capabilities, it was especially important that they offer its audiences ubiquitous mobile access The goal was to find an easy-to-use webcasting platform that would deliver a positive view of the organization and its products and create a strong desire for audiences to work with Apigee.


Powerful simplicity, enhanced functionality

The company believed that webcasting technology did not have to be complex. Several Apigee executives were familiar with ON24 webinar platform, and they chose the ON24 Webcast Elite self-service platform for the ease of use they wanted. Webcast Elite met all the criteria Apigee was looking for in a webcasting platform while also offering:

  • Sophisticated reporting and analytics for enhanced lead scoring: ON24 delivers a greater number of individual user engagement statistics, which, when integrated with Marketo software, allows Apigee to more easily identify and prioritize the hottest prospects for follow up.
  • Continued engagement via on-demand interactivity: Participants can continue to interact with presenters after the event by submitting questions during on-demand viewing.
  • A pricing model with no surprises: The subscription-based model allows Apigee to create and run unlimited webcasts, including internal/external training on top of its popular demand generation events. Because the ON24 platform is a streaming solution, there are no hidden telecom costs, making webinar ROI easier to forecast.


A thoughtful investment in Apigee’s demand generation strategy

Since implementing Webcast Elite in May 2014, Apigee is delivering as many as five demand generation webinars per month, with an average attendance of 250 participants. With Webcast Elite, Apigee’s webinars have become:

  • A top marketing tactic in terms of outbound marketing
  • One of the top three performing demand generation tools

The company is highly satisfied with the platform execution, as its webinars are delivering:

  • 100% increase in the number of webinars being run.
  • 50% larger audiences, in both registrations and attendance. Viewing the analytics, Apigee is seeing an increasing number of attendees coming back to participate in additional webinars.

For each demand generation webinar, Apigee takes the single-file archive automatically generated by Webcast Elite and posts it on YouTube in order to reach larger audiences, generate greater awareness and drive traffic to its website.

In addition to demand generation webinars, the company has also successfully used Webcast Elite to offer product training to its sales force, customers and partners.