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An SMB Marketer’s Confession: Why I Blew My Budget on Webinars (And How I’m Still Employed)

On-Demand Webinar
Speaker: Steve Winchester, CMO, Rego Consulting

Marketers in small to medium sized businesses like Rego Consulting don’t have the luxury of big budgets. So why would Steve Winchester, Rego’s CMO, invest nearly his entire marketing budget into webinars? And how does he still have a job? In this presentation, Steve will discuss how and why he made the strategic decision to focus primarily on growing their webinar channel, and how that decision has paid off for Rego — and himself.

If you’re looking for creative and cost-effective ways to drive pipeline and results, join us for this session.

Here’s what Steve will cover:

  • Why webinar marketing has been effective for Rego
  • The power of integration: Connecting webinar results to Hubspot
  • Selling the execs: How to get buy-in for webinar investment
  • Proving ROI: How to track and show the ROI of your program