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How a Unicorn Uses Webinars Across Their Sales Cycle

On-Demand Webinar
Speaker: Alicia Baumann, Brand Webinar Producer, Procore

It takes a lot to keep a unicorn well fed. For Procore Technologies, webinars have become a rich source of nutrients.

Procore provides a cloud-based project management platform for the construction industry and the company has recently reached the coveted status of ‘unicorn’ (a privately held firm valued at over a billion dollars). In this live webinar, Alicia Baumann will share the tip and tricks they’ve employed to gain support from the sales team and grow their webinar program into one of the company’s top five revenue-generating channels.

A key element of their strategy is to use webinars to both generate demand and to accelerate pipeline. By deploying webinars across the entire sales cycle, from awareness to late-stage pipeline, Procore’s model has generated real business success. And that’s no fantasy tale.