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How A Small Team Pushed NVIDIA's Webinar Program Global and Fueled Growth

On-Demand Webinar
Speaker: Cassandra Clark, Sr. Manager of Webinar Programs, NVIDIA

NVIDIA is addressing a broad range of markets from gaming to supercomputers, self-driving cars and artificial intelligence. Capitalizing on new opportunities in these markets takes speed and scale. That’s why NVIDIA turned to ON24, to help power global marketing campaigns that move as fast as the emerging economies they were trying to reach.

With just a small, lean team and the help of ON24, Cassandra Clark, Senior Manager of Webinar Programs NVIDIA, achieved success globally. How did Cassandra do it? Tune in to learn how she:

  • Scaled NVIDIA’s webinar cadence from only a few to more than a hundred
  • Trained internal webinar experts to drive demand in a global market
  • Iterated and scaled webinars to drive more MQLs and more SQLs with a growing audience

And more. Watch now to learn how you can boost product awareness across the globe with webinars.