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Breaking the Webinar Mold - The Innovative Evolution of LinkedIn's Webinar Strategy

On Demand Webinar
Speaker: Michelle Blondin, Demand Generation Manager, LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team has evolved their webinar strategy and to achieve scale and true business success by experimenting and implementing new formats, keeping content fresh and integrating an ABM strategy.

Join us for “Breaking the Webinar Mold – The Innovative Evolution of LinkedIn’s Webinar Strategy“, featuring Michelle Blondin, Marketing Manager from LinkedIn. In this live, interactive webinar, hear how the team assessed what was a reactive, scattered webinar strategy and evolved it into a world-class, business-driving engine.

You’ll come away from this session having learned how LinkedIn Marketing Solutions:

  • Creatively segmented their audience and used ABM to market to who really mattered to their business
  • Leveraged multi-channel marketing to drive increased registration and attendance rates by as high as 45% with an average of over 2,000 attendees
  • Experimented with new topics and webinar formats like Live Video to increase average NPS score from -19% in 2015 to 36% in 2017
  • Created a Customer webinar program to drive retention and increased engagement with current customers
  • Creatively assessed the marketing funnel to identify opportunities to use webinars to accelerate conversion rates driving revenue for multiple facets of our business