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Building an Audience: Top 10 Strategies That Tripled Investopedia's Reach

On-Demand Webinar
David Siegel, CEO, Investopedia
Joe Hyland, CMO, ON24, Inc.

Digital marketers spend millions of dollars on great content, but do they focus enough on drawing in the most eyeballs possible? David Siegel, CEO of Investopedia, doesn’t think so. Siegel, a digital media executive with over 18 years of experience leading organizations, believes most marketers can and should do more with data, social media, newsletters and other traffic driving mechanisms to attract a larger audience.

In just three years, Investopedia has increased its audience by 300%. In this on-demand webinar, Siegel will share their top 10 audience building strategies, including:

  • Using data to create a compelling, newsworthy audience hook
  • Focusing on topics, not terms
  • “Topic sizing” – creating content people want to read
  • Distributing content through partners and engagement based channels