The #Webinerd Channel

Ingram Micro Cloud’s Approach to Always-On Buyer Experiences

On- Demand Webinar

Speaker: Sam Ancliff, Senior Marketing Executive, Ingram Micro Cloud

Are you tired of milling through countless data trying to understand your marketing efforts to comprehend the insights of your buyer?

In this episode of The #Webinerd Channel, Sam Ancliff, Senior Marketing Executive at Ingram Micro, shares how he has made his marketing more intelligent with ON24 Engagement Hub at the core of his strategy. By fully integrating ON24 to Ingram Micro’s API and CRM systems, Sam has erased manual analysis. Now, comprehensive, actionable data flows automatically, guiding the development of buyer experiences and workflows that drive brand engagement.

Tune in to learn how Sam Ancliff takes his marketing to the next level.

Here’s what we will discuss:

  • How to give your audience a seamless experience to interact with your content
  • Embedding multiple Engagement Hubs throughout a website for easy access to curated content.
  • Capturing actions and setting automatic triggers that guide the buyer into a specific nurture program.