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Why stop at one? How CrowdStrike succeeds with multiple webinar programs.

On-Demand Webinar
Speaker: Adam Barrera, Marketing Program Specialist, CrowdStrike

Scaling your webinar program without going crazy.

Webinars are a powerful marketing tool, but building and maintaining a full-blown webinar program can be a bit daunting. Now imagine repeating the process four times.

CrowdStrike doesn’t have to imagine. They’ve done it – and they’re still smiling. Their webinar programs include regular demos in multiple time zones, thought leadership programs and customer education.

Tune into our upcoming webinar, “Why stop at one? How CrowdStrike succeeds with multiple webinar programs”, to learn how they’ve built multiple webinar programs, scaled globally and continue to produce 26 webinars each month.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Creating different webinar programs by thinking outside the box
  • Producing 26 events each month – what’s required?
  • Building a process that’s easy to duplicate
  • Leveraging multiple teams for content to produce more webinars

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