Engage Smarter Not Harder: Lessons Learned in the Experience Economy

Digital trends like the rise of smart mobility and social media have made customers more aware of how they can interact with brands. Customer experience has become just as important as the actual goods or services themselves. We call this new reality, the experience economy. So how can you use webinars to engage smarter with empowered customers in this experience economy? Dan Harrison shares hard-earned lessons on how Oracle Digital operates with a test and learn mindset to reach mid-market companies, uncovering how to use webinars and its partner ecosystem to scale reach and turn data into actionable insights.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create a webinar that puts customers at the steering wheel
  • Lessons learned on using webinar data to effectively follow-up with leads
  • Why working with partners is key to deliver memorable content and reach mid-market companies