Webinar Asset Package Creative Brief

Webinars should be a 360-degree experience, surrounding your audience with your content and brand. However, pu=tting together an asset package that captures all of your promotional needs can be daunting. You need to think through creatively what your webinar assets should look like, and also what the specs are for every channel that you promote through. And don’t forget about your on-demand promotion! Oftentimes, the requests for assets will come in piecemeal leading to rush creation and the risk of an inconsistent brand experience.

To ease this process, ON24 and SketchDeck developed a creative brief that captures all of the assets needed for your webinar creation, and live and on-demand promotion. Use this tool to brief your design team and get all of your needed assets done at the same time.

Download the Webinar Asset Package Creative Brief to get started.