5 Keys to Successful Legal Webinars

In our tech-driven marketplace, what does it take for a prospective client to discover, evaluate, and ultimately engage a firm like yours? Today, 65% of buyers are self-educating before they ever reach out to engage with a business. Like most of us, they go online and do their own research before making a purchase. They read reviews, check out similar products, and make comparisons.

The same process is happening in professional services, and marketing for law firms needs to adapt. Your prospective clients are researching your firm online. They’re looking up your attorneys, and they’re searching for your content — white papers, webinars, podcasts, and so forth.

Increasingly, successful legal marketing uses webinar technology to share information with prospective clients about their products, services, and attorneys. In this white paper, we’ll share the five keys to building successful webinars, so you can:

  • Drive business through webinars
  • Use webinars to attract new clients
  • Establish your firm as a thought leader