Webinars + Martech: How Integration Drives Value and Scale

Do you get tired just thinking about the process of sharing webinar program data with your sales team? Downloads, spreadsheets, emails, confusion and delays. It’s exhausting.

Alena Larson feels your pain, but she doesn’t share in it. With her team at Optum, Alena has fully integrated ON24 with their MAP and CRM systems to save time, provide more insight into the customer journey, and improve hand-offs to sales. No spreadsheets. Just comprehensive, actionable engagement data that flows automatically to their sales and marketing teams. It’s refreshing!

Join us for a conversation with Alena to learn all about integrating webinars into your martech stack, including:

  • General best practices for webinar programs using an integrated tech stack
  • Why and how integration improves the user experience and boosts the sales funnel
  • How to incorporate webinar-driven analytics into your current lead score model
  • Ideas and options for automated workflows triggered by audience engagement activity