How Two Webinar Pros Perfected a Client-Centric Journey

Getting information into the hands of your client sounds easy, but at scale it can be very difficult. Physical events are hit or miss and static web pages may not clearly relay the nuances you want clients to know.

What’s a company to do?

IBM Client Centers’ team may have found the answer: use a digital client-facing center, namely IBM Virtual Client Center. Join us as IBM Client Centers’ Andrew Stephens, Analytics and Digital Manager, and Mariangela Arena, Social-Digital Engagement, discuss why they use ON24 to help drive client communications and provide a more holistic experience for customers. During this event you’ll learn how:

  • Virtual clients centers can complement face-to-face discussions
  • Simu-live events provide clients a full-featured, engaging experience
  • Webinars can help organizations to reach clients across language barriers
  • You can use webinars to guide attendees through client journeys

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