Moving from Local to Regional Webinar Success: A Journey

As a part of your Asia Pacific marketing mix – webinars are a potent tool to deliver brand awareness, targeted audience engagement, share expertise with your clients, and drive new prospect leads. To achieve those outcomes – many times webinars are built locally by teams – and can deliver solid results. Duplicating that success in other local markets is a challenge, impacted by topics, talent, time, leaving you short of missing your goal of delivering regional results that move the needle. Being disciplined around concepts, measurement, improvement is a key part of success, but also uncover unique challenges of delivering marketing results at a regional scale.

Join John Antos, Vice President Strategy & Marketing, Asia Pacific at ADP on the journey – more like a winding river than an expressway – and share the strategies, tips, results that have moved webinars into the forefront as a marketing channel that delivers consistent results.