High-Performance B2B Marketing: A Current and Future View

Why are some B2B marketing organizations highly productive, effective and efficient business contributors while others struggle to find their focus and deliver value? Over years of working with, and benchmarking thousands of B2B clients SiriusDecisions has learned the characteristics all high-performers have in common and what truly separates them from laggards.

In this session, Jay Gaines (CMO of the SiriusDecisions product line within Forrester) will share insights on what drives high-performance marketing through several lenses:

  • What are the current characteristics of high-performance and what are some key practices used to achieve it
  • How does SiriusDecisions marketing operationalize audience-centricity to create focus and achieve best-n-class results
  • What are the major trends driving change in B2B marketing over the next five years
  • How will Artificial Intelligence enable marketers to create and deliver unprecedented value in the next 3-5 years

Join this keynote session for practical and actionable guidance you can use today, as well as an inspiring future vision that will prepare you for what is coming next.