Webinar World 2019

From Basic Training to Masterclass: CompTIA's Approach to Virtual Learning

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Virtualizing in-classroom training has more to offer than just convenience, it can supercharge the value of your audience’s learning experience by offering group interactivity, chapterization for self-paced content consumption and the ability to measure course effectiveness. Join CompTIA’s Tazneen Kasem, Director of Product Management & Instructor Network and Stephen Schneiter, Program Manager, to learn how to run impactful training programs, whether that’s increasing participation of association memberships or driving more awareness for your brand. This session is based on the industry driven standards included in the trainer certification, CompTIA CTT+.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Plan for webinar course instruction
  • Deliver engaging, interactive training experiences
  • Evaluate program impact

Tazneen Kasem, Director of Product Management & Instructor Networ, CompTIA

Stephen Schneiter, Program Manager, CompTIA