How Agilent Technologies Optimized Their Digital Marketing Strategy with ON24

Speaker: Edina Sehovic, Digital Marketing Specialist, Agilent

Without in-person events to drive pipeline,  science and technology manufacturer Agilent needed an in-house, digital-marketing strategy capable of spanning their vast target audience, multiple channels, and every stage of the buying journey. 

Tune into “How Agilent Technologies Optimized Its Digital Marketing Strategy with ON24,” and hear from Agilent’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Edina Sehovic, on how her team leverages ON24 to support clients, communications and data flow, driving sales for each product line. 

Learn how they:

  • Create personalized experiences for targets audiences in 6 major markets 
  • Optimize and scale engagement programs with an in-house approach 
  • Efficiently onboarded and transitioned to the ON24 platform 
  • Leverage ON24 integrations to streamline sales lead hand-off process

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