Leveraging Customer Data to Generate Continuous Pipeline

With all the data at our fingertips today, marketers have more impact on pipeline than ever. But too often, we limit ourselves with old metrics and processes that don’t take the modern buying journey into account. It’s time to go beyond MQLs and start delivering actual sales conversations. 

Attend “Leveraging Customer Data to Generate Continuous Pipeline,” where we’ll show you how to deliver predictable, repeatable pipeline with webinars and virtual events that convert engagement into first-party data and actionable insights for more effective lead conversion.

Highlights include:

  • How to turn passive webinar and digital event attendees into active participants 
  • How to use audience engagement data to find your best leads 
  • The secret to true sales and marketing alignment 
  • How to turn your existing content into a data-generating gold mine 

Start spinning your data into gold. Watch now.

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