Lenovo Workstation Generates Hot Leads With Diverse, Engaging Digital Experiences

Speaker: Jake Henrich, Workstations Marketing Manager, Lenovo

Lenovo does more than provide smarter technology for distributors and end users. They deliver personalized, digital experiences that address the unique needs of their target audiences, and they do it all at global scale.  

Tune in to “How Lenovo Delivers Personalized Marketing at Scale with Diverse Digital Experiences,” to see how Jake Henrich, Lenovo Workstations Marketing Manager generated and tracked over 15,000 contacts by delivering highly-targeted content journeys that spanned a range of verticals and regions worldwide. Find out they:

  • Create vertical-specific experiences for target accounts 
  • Scale personalization efforts across buying journey with curated content hubs 
  • Convert leads into customers with strategic use of ON24 conversion tools 
  • Drive engagement to create actionable insights and segments leads 

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