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How to Produce Engaging Hybrid Experiences with ON24

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Speaker: Shalini Mitha, VP Product Marketing at ON24

Thanks for attending “The Event Remix: How to Drive Hybrid Engagement,” where you got a firsthand look at exactly what a hybrid event looks like and how to engage both digital and in-person audiences in a single event. Now we want to show you how we did it. 

Join us for “How to Produce Engaging Hybrid Experiences with ON24,” where Shalini Mitha, VP of Product Marketing, will show you exactly how to plan, produce and execute a truly hybrid event using the ON24 Digital Experience Platform.

During this webinar experience you’ll learn how to: 

  • Make in-person experiences more interactive and engaging 
  • Connect your physical and digital audiences 
  • Create a registration strategy for both digital and physical audiences 
  • Turn hybrid engagement into actionable first-party data 

It’s time to bridge the gap between physical and digital. Watch now.