Workshop: How to Create a Winning Playbook for Predictable Pipeline

Cheri Keith, Head of Strategy at ON24
Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing

With all the data, technology and operations tools available today, B2B marketers know that it’s possible to create a reliable and consistent revenue machine.

However, when you’re dealing with a faulty funnel, it can be hard to take a break from fighting fires and put that well-oiled machine in place — let alone create the instruction manual so others can drive it forward by themselves.

So what’s needed to build predictable pipeline into the DNA of your organization? How do you do that across sales, marketing and customer success? And what does a good playbook look like?

Join Cheri Keith (Head of Strategy at ON24) and Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing) for a workshop on How to Create a Winning Playbook for Predictable Pipeline. Tune into this three-hour workshop to learn, discuss, interact, and work through — live — the 10 essential stages to create a predictable, profitable pipeline.

By the end, you’ll have a ready-to-go playbook that will help fix your funnel. So register and get access to:

  • The Predictable Pipeline Workbook containing best practices, frameworks, and worksheets on the foundations of creating your own predictable pipeline.
  • Three-hours of live guidance and interaction with Cheri and Matt answering your questions.
  • A complete plan of action — from beginning to end — that will help you organize your internal teams and strategy and fix your funnel.

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