Whose Lead is it Anyways?

The roles of sales and marketing have blurred over the years. As buyers increasingly self-educate their way to a purchase decision, it’s become clear that marketing owns the entire journey. But if that’s the case, where does sales fit in? And whose lead is it anyway? 

To get the unfiltered truth, watch this for another fiery edition of CMO Confessions where we will debate “Whose Lead Is It Anyway” and deliver hot takes on on everything from MQLs as a ridiculous measure of success to whether sales should actually get integrated into marketing (oh yeah, we are going there). 

Our panelists this month are: 

  • Latane Conant, CMO, 6Sense
  • David Fortino, Chief Strategy Officer, Netline Corporate
  • Mark Bornstein, VP, Marketing and Chief Evangelist, ON24

If you are ready for some serious truthiness, get ready. This will be a webinar  to remember. Watch now.

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