How to Use Webinars to Revolutionize Events

Speaker: Mark Bornstein,
Chief Webinerd and VP of Marketing, ON24

Big conferences were not the only marketing channel lost to a global pandemic. We also lost the ability to hold smaller events like seminars, road shows, pop-ups, birds-of-a-feather breakfasts and so much more. And while physical events will hopefully come back soon, many companies have already found a better way to engage audiences…by going digital.
Attend “How to Use Webinars to Revolutionize Events” where you will see how successful brands have completely transformed their event strategies, to create virtual experiences of all sizes and types. You will learn:
  • Ideas for creating virtual versions of smaller physical events
  • How to build local events and stay virtual
  • Best practices for engaging audiences with digital experiences
  • How to leverage digital engagement to drive pipeline and revenue
This is your chance to completely re-create your event marketing strategies and prepare for a new hybrid physical/digital future.

Watch the Webinar