Sage Intacct + ON24

Sage Intacct, a cloud-based financial services company, looks for value in its marketing technology. With the ON24 platform, it’s found tens of millions of dollars worth of value. Literally.

That’s because, according to Nick Ezzo, Vice President of Demand Generation at Sage Intacct, ON24 webinars touch every part of Sage Intacct’s marketing operations — from top-of-funnel to bottom. Sage Intacct uses webinars to inform prospects, offer on-demand demos and provide the latest tips, tricks and trends in the financial space. With powerful integrations in place, Sage Intacct can seamlessly inform its sales teams of genuinely-interested prospects and provide the in-depth information they need to connect, engage and provide value to prospective customers.

To learn more about why Sage Intacct trusts ON24 with its webinars, watch the video above. To learn more about how you can take advantage of the powerful ON24 platform, click here.

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