Unlock the ON24 Advantage with ON24 Breakouts

Jayesh Sahasi, CTO at ON24
Kristine Harris, Director of Product Marketing at ON24

According to Forrester, most modern buyers rely on digital content and peer opinion to make B2B purchase decisions. But sales still plays a critical role, with 57% of buyers saying they won’t make a  final decision without at least talking to a sales rep. 

It’s time to bring the best of both worlds together, and ON24 has the solution. 

Join us for “Unlock the ON24 Advantage: ON24 Breakouts.” During this live webinar,  ON24 CTO, Jayesh Sahasi, will unveil the newest Webcast Elite feature: ON24 Breakouts. With Breakouts, you can empower your sales team to “break out” into one-on-one sales meetings or small group conversations directly from your webinars. 

You’ll learn how to use ON24 Breakouts to: 

  • Bridge the marketing and sales relationship and hand off leads to sales for 1:1 discussions.
  • Generate peer-to-peer networking opportunities.
  • Create a unique brand experience and deeper connections between speakers or subject matter experts and audiences.

Connect speakers, attendees and sales teams in real time. Watch now.

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