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How Verint Scales the Reach of High-Value Content with Webinars

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Are you constantly looking for new topics and ideas to fuel your webinar program calendar? Before you start begging your internal subject matter experts for presentation ideas, take a look at what content is already at your fingertips, like case studies, reports and white papers. Ellen Schwarzte, Marketing Program Manager at Verint, realized quickly that there was a treasure trove of opportunity to convert these hefty high-value content pieces into digestible pieces of content that would attract, convert and engage a larger audience than the written pieces alone. 

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how Ellen leverages webinars powered by ON24 to execute on converting high-value content into engaging digital experiences.

 Here’s what she’ll cover

  • How to identify your high-value content
  • Tips for turning high-value content into a webinar format
  • How to put a plan into action and involve the right stakeholders
  • Recent webinar examples and results from webinar format


Speaker: Ellen Schwartze, Marketing Programs Manager Experience Management, Verint

Moderator: Tiffany Beddow, Director Customer Marketing, ON24