Training the Teacher: How The Learning Network's Webinar Strategy Drives Best Practices in the Classroom

Ross Flatt, Professional Development Manager, NYT Learning Network

Rachel Manley, Professional Development Manager, NYT Learning Network

The New York Times Learning Network is on a mission to help educators teach with The Times by building student activities and teacher resources that bring the world into the classroom. While there is no shortage of top-notch New York Times content for teachers to use in the classroom, The Learning Network team wanted to directly impact how teachers put those resources into action. 

With schools across the country moving to online learning, The Learning Network responded with a vision of increased access to virtual professional development and a complete digital engagement and enablement strategy to help move the needle. With the help of ON24 they made that vision a reality.

Tune into this webinar to learn how Professional Development Managers Rachel Manley and Ross Flatt made it happen. Insights into NYT Learning Network’s Digital Engagement Strategy

  • Behind the Scenes of The Learning Network’s Remote Learning and Summer Webinar Series
  • The NYT’s Team’s “Must-have” ON24 Features
  • Lessons Learned and Results so far

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