How You Can Scale Your Webinar Program in 5 Steps

There wasn’t much of a process in place when Erin Molnar arrived to her new job at SAP Concur. The company’s webinars lacked cadence, marketing and consistency. That is, until Erin and her team decided to put an end to the webinar fire drills.

Join us as Erin Molnar, Sr. Marketing Manager of Digital Events, lays out how SAP Concur built, scaled and improved its webinar program in 12 months.

During this event, you’ll learn how a well-structured webinar program can:

  • Streamline project management and influence more pipeline
  • Drive greater registration, and higher quality MQLs
  • Simplify and minimize the effort required of key stakeholders
  • Enable program expansion in both volume and variety

Register today to learn how Erin makes webinars work.