How Roche Uses Webinars to Pioneer Cancer Diagnostics

Roche is on a mission to improve patient treatment through the creation of diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. To make this goal a reality, the multinational pharmaceutical company provides a wealth of content and in-person opportunities to educate and train physicians on the latest innovations in cancer diagnostics. For a small team covering 50 countries, webinars provide the perfect medium to connect with difficult-to-reach physicians across the globe in an engaging, informative way.

Learn how Gilles Erb, Scientific Affairs Lead Breast, Gastric, Colorectal Cancer EMEA LATAM, and his team put webinars to work and accelerate Roche’s training and educational program across the world. During this webinar, you’ll learn how Roche:

  • Inspired 70 to 80 percent of physicians to change how they treat patients through webinars
  • Scaled how Roche reaches and educates hundreds of doctors around the world
  • Saved time and budget through 1-to-many virtual training sessions

Register today and learn how Roche uses its webinars to save time, money and provide better patient treatment.