How Digital Transformation Principles Helped Protolabs Reimagine Its Marketing Strategy

Protolabs, a leading digital manufacturing company, started a company-wide initiative to integrate digital technologies into its processes and bring more value to its customers. At the front of the charge is its marketing team, who test, optimize and deploy digital experiences that transform the company’s digital presence.

How do they do it? The ON24 platform helps.

Tune in to learn how Tommy Rongistch, marketing specialist, ushered Protolabs’ webinar experiences to a higher level, ultimately increasing customer and prospect engagement and new business opportunities.

During this event, you’ll learn:

  • How Protolabs went from sales-centric, ad-hoc webinars to a value-add, integrated program
  • The best practices for incorporating a sales team into a webinar program
  • How Protolabs’ marketing team created a valuable content channel
  • How webinars power account-based marketing efforts