How Jackson Systems Became an Industry Knowledge Center

A lot of sweat goes into keeping buildings cool. Few organizations know this more than Jackson Systems, a leading wholesale distributor of HVAC control systems and contractor services. To help HVAC contractors stay on top of the latest industry innovations, Jackson Systems provides weekly training through high-impact live-streaming and an on-demand library of webinars designed to get contractors the technical information they need, when they need it.

Join us as Tyler Hershberger, Production Director at Jackson Systems, explains how he and his team use the ON24 Engagement Platform to:

  • Establish Jackson Systems as the leading HVAC expert to generate ongoing demand for their products and services
  • Provide continuing education credits to contractors, giving them the know-how to recommend and provide the latest HVAC systems to their clients
  • Develop a steady stream of new business from contractors engaged in the training program

If you’re interested in creating your own industry knowledge center to drive demand, tune in to learn how Jackson Systems does it.