How Genesys Scaled a Global Webinar Program for Demand Generation

Ericsson, the leading multinational networking and telecommunications company globally are fast gaining traction with webinars as part of their marketing mix. With a team of three for external webinars, Eliot Freed, Ericsson’s Global Experiences and Digital Events Manager has run 150+ online events this year alone. From standard slides and audio to video events, Eliot is actively investigating more ways to ramp up the process and Ericsson’s progress.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how Ericsson are:

  • Trialing digital events over in-person conferences to see if engagement and conversion of registration to attendee is higher
  • Executing video broadcasts as internal events initially to help form the strategy for external events
  • Using ABM events get higher traction, but are more difficult to scale
  • Dealing with the on-demand nature of video engagement

Join Eliot as he discusses Ericsson’s webinar efforts, goals and successes. Watch now.