Maximising Engagement with Intelligent Technology

Contentive is a global B2B media and events company with a number of different brands and verticals under their umbrella. They work in a competitive space, offering lead generation tied with high quality engagement. Webinars are a key part of their offering, as they see huge value in this medium for their customers.

Webinars are a significant source of engagement for Contentive since Rina Patel, Customer Success and Sales Operations Director, joined the company. Webinar growth under the guidance of Rina has been exponential, rising from 20 to 80+ in less than 24 months, quadrupling their success.

By overhauling the program Rina can now tout the following successes:

  • Unique attendance is 64.1%, 20% higher than Benchmark data from 2018
  • Average webinar engagement is 4.3 with a growth prospect of 5
  • 60% joining live, which is well over the industry benchmark of 35%

Join Rina as she discusses lead generation, campaigns and engagement within the publishing industry, and how she is implementing her growth plans.