The Art of Aligning Sales and Marketing for Maximum Event Conversion

Speakers: Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing
Cheri Hulse, Vice President of Research & Evangelism at ON24

To make events a critical component of generating pipeline, sales and marketing teams must collaborate to convert event leads to sales opportunities. However, getting sales to buy into follow-up efforts is easier said than done.  

Aligning sales and marketing through the full event lifecycle is essential to increasing event ROI and achieving greater revenue goals. By collecting first-party data and tracking engagement, marketing, and sales teams can enhance event follow-up efforts and move opportunities along in their buying journey. 

Learn how you can encourage sales to participate in event strategy by following up with attendees and converting more leads to opportunities. Join Cheri Hulse, Vice President of Research & Evangelism at ON24, and Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing as they discuss:  

  • The importance of marketing and sales alignment throughout the event process 
  • The differences between marketing and sales owned event activities 
  • Best practices and tactics for interacting with attendees’ post-event 
  • How to translate event data into action for 2022 

 Plus, you’ll get a chance to participate in the discussion, network with peers, and get insight from other B2B marketing leaders.  

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