Benchmarking Across the Virtual and Digital Event Spectrum

Literally thousands of virtual events have now run across the world and it’s time to take stock and start to examine what we have learned and how this will impact future global virtual event trends.  Did we set the right objectives and how have we performed against these?

By sector, are virtual events working better in some industries than others and why might this be the case?  By format, are some event formats delivering better returns for attendees and sponsors and how can we adapt these learnings?

The Tech Talk will delve into the numbers in some detail to help draw practical conclusions and inform your future virtual and hybrid events strategy.


  • Cheri Keith, Head of Strategy, ON24
  • Laura Davidson, Director, Tag Digital
  • Sophie Holt, Managing Director, Explori
  • Humphrey Chen, CEO, CLIPr
  • Emma Hilditch, EMCEE and Content Director, Virtual Events Institute

Watch the Webinar