Delivering An Amazing CX For All, Through Hybrid Events

Hybrid events can offer new levels of engagement and interactivity, combining creative storytelling with integrated technology to reach and engage your audiences in entirely new ways, at scale.  But as experienced in-person event producers we don’t always perceive the potential. 

It’s time to push ourselves right to the edge now, and rather than take risks with a step into the unknown, let’s learn from organizations who have already delivered some amazing hybrid experiences.  

Attend this session to pick up ideas around segmentation and tailoring the experience, delivering on expectations, designing with intent, skills, resource and budget required and how to manage your customer data to enhance experiences in the future.


  • Moderator: Emma Hilditch, Virtual Events Institute
  • Cheri Keith, Head of Strategy, ON24
  • Chris Mitchell, VP Operations, Intrado
  • Neil Mortimer, Client Success Manager, Grip
  • Vanessa Lovatt, Chief Evangelist, Glisser

Watch the Webinar